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  • 12 Jan 2018
     Drive Me To Juliet's "Kiss and Tell" Music Video Released!   We all know that Cebu produces some of the finest musicians in our local music scene. From the Punk fueled music of The Ambassadors, the groovy Reaggae sound of Jr. Kilat, the vibe, beats and rhymes of Mobbstarr and ofcourse, the infectious songs by the now legendary Urbandub. One of the treasures that the "Queen City" has to offer is Drive Me To Juliet. They have been around for quite some time now and most of us are already familiar with their music. From their song "Saving Glass Heart" up to this new song that they have which is entitled "Kiss and Tell", this band never fails to give their fans and followers quality, good music. Once again, Cebu proved that their homegrown musicians will always be able to deliver quality songs to the listeners.  Oh, and the music video is awesomely done too!   Check out the link below so you could watch Drive Me To Juliet's new music video!  
    1338 Posted by Marcus Aurelius
  • 09 Jan 2018
    Metal/Electronica band Even finally launched the music video for their song “Astra” last January 6, 2018 at B-Side the Collective. The said music video launch was also the celebration for Rakista Jam’s 100th event. Bands who also performed during the launch were Saydie, Pupil, Kjwan, Razorback, Philia, Tribo Subculture, The Chongkeys, Vie, Sagip Adik Foundation, Maryzark, Skychurch and Wilabaliw.  Even is composed of Trish Reyes on Vocals, Jam Bumanlang on Guitars, JL Siscar on Bass and Dan Allan Acosta on Drums. Check out the music video for Astra below!  
    864 Posted by Marcus Aurelius
  • 09 Jan 2018
      The legendary Ely Buendia released a music video for his song “Gabi Man May Araw Din”. It’s been years since we heard a solo project from Ely Buendia.  We all know him for his works with Pupil, The Oktaves, Apartel and ofcourse, The Eraserheads. But what about the “millenials” who haven’t heard of his solo Dreampop album “Wanted Bedspacer” from years back?  Well, this song is a perfect introduction to how Ely works as a solo artist.   Check the link down below so you could watch Ely Buendia’s new music video!  
    802 Posted by Marcus Aurelius
151 views Jan 12, 2018
Quest releases the official music video for "Better Days".

We all know who Quest is, right? That RnB singer that has a very warm, toneful voice that makes you want to chill whenever his song is playing.

Guess what, he has a new song and it also has a very cool music video! Time for some laid-back music, folks!

Quest released the music video for his song "Better Days" and it will absolutely set your mood and make you feel relaxed after all the traffic you've  encountered on your way home. 


Here's the link to Quest's new music video. So sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful song!